Our Story

The Idea                            

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am the creator of D. Sullivan Designs.

Jewelry making was something introduced to me back in 2008 by my Aunt Barbara who sent me on my path of designing, as she gave me inspiration and told me I was a natural!

As a person who loves jewelry, I always loved different looks, but would hate to hear the comment "I have that same one." Who wants to hear that!!!!!                                                                         

So the idea was to create quality, handcrafted jewelry to give everyone their own unique, bold & classy look with a statement piece to represent them.

Having the right piece of jewelry to make any look pop whether dressed up or down!

The Name

The name D. Sullivan Designs was chosen from my son and daughter's middle names to represent my business because they continuously inspire me. And because it's bold, classy and unique - just like the both of them!

My family inspires my creativity everyday!

 100% Handcrafted


All designs are handcrafted and made individually from quality materials. 

I personally hand select all my materials to ensure everything is made with the best, for the best - my customers!

Custom requests can also be made if you have something specific you want to have created. Just contact us.


“I believe everyone can have their own unique look and a statement piece to represent that.”